An Artist And Their Muse

By Torgon


I recently had the great pleasure of finally spending an hour with Jane Way.  She has been proposed as a duo partner by Kharisma Khan back when she called herself Billy Autumn and while scheduling that didn’t work out for that, I was very intrigued to see Jane on my own. 

Using the booking form to contact her, we had significant e-mail exchange discussing an Aritst/Artist’s Model themed roleplay scenario I wanted.  In corresponding with her and reading her twitter and website, I was able to get some sense of her limits and attitudes to her work.  Her “not a menu, and experience” t-shirt reflects this, but she was very forthright in answering direct questions about what was or was not on offer.   This approach would be a downside for anyone trying to make a spur of the moment decision, but with the time I was taking it was definitely a plus breaking the ice through the booking process.

The session itself was all I could have hopped for within the time I had booked.  She had all of the heavy lifting in the roleplay and her attention to detail made the difference.  She had studied the scenario, and improvised perfectly where applicable.  Once things got physical her attentions to my desires were equally spot on reading any queue for a change in position quicker than anyone I’ve been with, professionally or personally.   I had booked this session to deal with a stressful time at work and it as definitely affecting my hard-on but Jane skillfully got me back on track a couple of times. 

In person, she came across exactly as she does on-line, very forthright, genuine but with a delightful no-bullshit edge.   My only regrets relate to how my own nervousness and stress made my performance sub-optimal, but I’m eager see her again.

Jane Way