Dirty Minds Think Alike...

By Max Bawdman (texasjoe)



I'm so spoiled. I really am. 

Thank you to those responsible for the Industry Party. Without it, this combination may never have happened. As I was speaking with Jane at the party a vision came through the crowd. It was Angel looking like a sexy empress in black leather, tempting af. Within a few moments the three of us decided we really needed to find time to play. The sexual tension was palpable and this just had to happen.

Luckily before I left your great city we found time to meet, call it breakfast in bed. There would be no food but there would be plenty to lick, taste, and wrap our lips around. 

When I arrived at Angel's incall, her and Jane were getting acquainted. Seeing these two contrasting styles together was a sight to behold. Petite, busty, glamour girl Angel with our Punk rock, bad ass (that asssss), pornstar Jane. The thing is having met both of them before, no matter the contrasting style, mentally and sexually I knew they could click. Angel is deceiving in that as much as she invokes VIP, she wants to get down and dirty, there is no pretentiousness. In fact whenever we start discussing other duo partners she sound like a horny client. It is actually quite endearing..... also a crazy turn on. Jane on their part is as down as anyone for a new experience and I know Angel was someone they craved. No matter our physical differences, three dirty, nasty, naughty minds always tend to think alike.

When I arrived Angel was in sexy black lingerie and Jane was fully dressed. When I came back from the shower this had changed dramatically. Second time at Angel's and when you turn the corner into the bedroom it is always something to knock you on your ass. Kneeling on the bed in front of each other were two much less dressed visions getting acquainted with soft kisses. Now I had the plan to have them continue on their own as if I wasn't even there. Knowing they had an intense attraction to each other I figured that would be an amazing porn to sit and watch front row. Well.... that lasted 90 seconds, maybe 2 minutes. I couldn't resist as Angel slid down between Jane's legs and worked her tongue to Jane's obvious appreciation I could see Angel's lonely bum bent perfectly in the air. My mind said let it be, but my tongue had already dived between her legs. As Angel worked her skills on Jane, I worked mine on her and before long Angel shot up onto her knees, body trembling and O'yes Jane got to witness her first ever Angel release. When Angel soaks the bed it immediately amps up the energy. If there was any tameness in our introduction that all disappeared. What followed was an attempt to create our own live hardcore porn, with the mirrors as the camera. Rolling, twisting, changing positions I couldn't help but find Jane's sensitive spot to tease because I was dying to feel her shutter. Angel of course had Jane on edge and it wasn't long before those shutters came with Jane and they was too sensitive to continue so it was my turn to receive. Damn do Angel and Jane have the skills to earn them an AVN award. Alternating turns taking me deep and then finding each other to make out over me was pure bliss. Want a visual? Buy Jane's porn and witness the amazing sloppy skills (https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/226466/Jane-Way/), I know Angel loved witnessing them live. From here things lose focus as the pace picked up. I remember so vividly Angel going down again on Jane with that perfect lil bum in the air and I had to take advantage. As hard as I was pushing forward, Angel gripped the bed and pushed harder back on me. Wow, just fucking wow. This position created two more soaks of the sheets. Mind blowing. Of course Jane was not to be ignored and got attention from the both of us in a a variety of positions, the hottest being on all fours while Angel played to the side enjoying her live action Jane Way porn. (Angel proudly admitted to getting off to Jane's porn at Oasis). Seeing Angel getting off and getting a grip on Jane's legendary ass had me close. It had Angel close too and what happened next was too fucking hot. Jane asked for a finish across her newly tatted tits and just as I released Angel joined and splashed against Jane's tits too. Double fucking cum trouble for Jane Way. Sensitive as all hell and spent from a wild encounter I almost collapsed. Laughs and panting and clean up followed. Captain Jane speaks of leading your wildest fantasies. Well this was a fantasy I couldn't have even imagined.

So was this a review or just me bragging about having hot sex with gorgeous people? Maybe a bit of both. A take-away for the reader. Bring these naughty porn stars together again and live out your wildest fantasies. A dirty dream come true, no fucking doubt about it. Angel is a glamour model goddess but don't let that trick you into thinking she doesn't want to get down and dirty. Jane is not only the Captain navigating the universe but she a Star herself. Thank you, thank you, thank you two.





Jane Way