"From Your Favorite Regular..."

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to be invited by another SP friend of mine to a boat cruise organized and attended mostly by many of the incredible SP's in our great city of Toronto.  It was this night that I was to meet Jane Way for the first time.  

The moment I set eyes on Jane I was in awe of the unique nature of the beauty Jane possesses both inside and out.  I was immediately drawn to the way Jane expresses thoughts and opinions.  Jane is incredibly intelligent and well spoken.  I have met very few people in my life I enjoy speaking with as much.  You can always expect an honest opinion and great insight into the topics at hand.  We all had a great time that night.  On a huge boat full of the sexiest people ever, I had my eyes fixed on Jane and knew right away I was in trouble.  I needed to see Jane alone, it wasn't just desire, it was necessary.

Since then I have had many dates with Jane. We have had so much fun, it could barely be measured.  Jane has helped me explore avenues of my sexuality that I never knew existed.  In the moment Jane knows exactly what you need exactly when you need it.  Jane has very few limitations, anyone who has concern with those limits really needs to consider what else they are missing out on if those limits are a concern.  It can be challenging sometimes to arrange dates, I never experienced this with Jane.  Everything about how Jane works is accommodating and convenient.

I have spent around 20 years mostly booking dates through agencies.  It was with Jane I have had my first repeat experience with an independent SP.  I now wish I had met someone like Jane all those years ago.  I have experienced a great deal of jealousy and possessiveness from the SP's I have met  especially those I have seen several times.  There is none of this with Jane, the only objective in Jane's approach to this industry is to make you happy and that includes perhaps introducing you to the incredible network of SP's Jane knows for them to join in on your date or even for you to see them separately if you are interested.  This is almost unbelievable to me, the selflessness in this act of kindness and care.

In conclusion I would like to say that I would not hesitate for a second to recommend to anyone booking a date with Jane.  I hope to have Jane a part my life for as long as I may be fortunate to call such an astounding person my friend.

Jane Way