"I Lived To Tell About It!"

By Frank Underwood (frankunderwood)



After reading about a recent encounter that Daley had with Jane Way, I decided that I needed to experience a duo with them for myself. I've seen Daley many times, going back to her time at DreamMakers. I'd met Jane earlier this year at an industry party, but never had the pleasure of getting up-close and personal Daley took care of the arrangements (she's great at that :P), and we met at Jane's incall. Jane was vibrant as always, they are always smiling and fun to be around. After a shower, I returned to find them naked on the bed. Not completely naked, as I noticed that Daley still had panties on (tsk, tsk). "Those need to go", I said. She complied, and they started to DFK and explore each other's bodies while I watched from the edge of the bed. I could have watched them kiss and touch for the entire session, but what kind of guest would that make me? LOL I joined them on the bed, and started with DFK with Daley, while Jane got acquainted with Frank Jr., and I finally got to touch that ass!!! OMG!! It truly must be touched to be believed. Grabbing and slapping it was like nothing I've experienced before!! The next hour was a bit foggy, but we explored a number of positions, including the two of them in 69 while Jane finger-banged Daley, and me finger-banging Daley while Jane went down on her. I enjoyed BBBJ from both of them, while they alternated DFK and sitting on my face. Jane is mult-orgasmic and vocal. Nothing better than hearing moans of approval!!! Sadly, the hour was up and I had to leave. Neither is a clockwatcher, but I had somewhere that I had to be. I will definitely make future plans to repeat. If you're looking for an interactive duo with non-stop action, look no further than these two!!! 


Jane Way