Jane Had Their Way With Juno Grey... And I Was There, Too

By Max Bawdman


"Where to begin.... Well the booking part, that was reasonably easy. Jane Way and I shared a helluva night a while back and we have continued to keep in touch on Twitter and as they makes new friends we often chat about new Duo, Trio, etc possibilities. Jane and Juno crossed paths shortly after we met and since then I have been overwhelmed (to my pleasure) with tease after tease of fantastic samples of Juno through her pics on twitter. It didn't hurt that we also talked quite a bit and there was some cool chemistry that was worth exploring. Cool is probably the word that describes the rest of this review.

Side note: Us twitter flakes, time-wasters, who compliment you on DMs and carry an occasional conversation do actually book. Been to Toronto 4 times in the last year or so and have booked something each time (Right? Daley, Valencia, Jane, Camilla, Harley, Aura, Bella, Jane (again), Juno, Anastasia...Not to mention the ones I booked who didn't show up for me) All whom I've had a chat with on twitter. Sorry Caerf, forums, ad sites, but that is where chemistry gets tested and a good session 100% follows. Don't discount me yet companions of twitter, if you think it seems too long between bookings, how do you think I feel? And if you want to pick a fight with me about it....good....only makes the make up sex that much hotter.

Back to it.... Juno and Jane, they are cool. Just easy to talk to, have a great sense of humor and a natural chemistry. They are great friends and it is obvious. Have you ever had a GF who had a cool friend that you dug almost as much, and you thought, damn I wish I could have them both! Well this is your chance. Everything from the booking to the call up to the chat around the kitchen was just relaxed and cool. Apparently this was their first (work) Duo. Blew my mind that no one had grabbed this twosome and made a threesome. So the particulars, what you see is what you get. Neither are shy and you can see everything on twitter/ads. The major point to add when it comes to looks, is that as good as it looks....It feels SOOO much better in person. Jane's ass....It deserves its own section on Caerf. Seriously, Jane has so much dynamic and exciting aspects to their look, that you can so easily miss that AMAZING ass. So firm, so firm, so firm. Sexy as hell in a jumpsuit/catsuit. Juno, well, you have all seen that tall, slender, bombshell body. Again, try feeling it in person. Full lips too, try kissing them in person. So yes, cool session, but with very hot company.

To the session itself, the technical term is fully interactive. Doesn't do justice to just how much fun everyone is having at all times. Juno and Jane are not shy at all around each other and because they are good friends you can tell they have discussed and day dreamed about all the naughty, nasty, fun ways they can share me and we can share each other. Jane was kind enough to dream up this.. ....and then follow through. Yes, that is how things started! Lot's of sharing, because we are all so caring. Some highlights, of course the double BJ.... The soft lips that were always either kissing yours or between someones legs.... A stellar view of Juno in doggy while Jane shuttered at Junos skills.... The introduction of some toys to make a missionary position anything but traditional.... Juno upside down over the edge of the bed so she could show off her talents.... Relentless enjoyment of each other.... Oh yes and cumming. Kind of the whole point, right? Cum drunk is one of my favorite feelings and I think we all shared in that. Another memory that again just tells you how fun it is, was the 'where to cum discussion', There was so much excitement in their eyes, giggles and 'oh here, no here' it just made everything even that much more memorable. Simply, if you want to play with people who LOVE to play, enjoy it truly and even moreso when friends are involved then put these two together and be ready for greatness. 


Look them up. Enjoy their pics, don't waste their time, book their time. They will reward you handsomely."

Jane Way