A True Gem...

By shyguy from LYLA.com


I've been talking with this beautiful lady on twitter for a couple of months waiting for her to come to Ottawa when her trip could match with my schedule and finally yesterday we got together. 

I got to her very nice locations and when she open the door my jaw drop to the floor. if you think she looks hot on her pics on here and her website, wait till you see Janeway in person. she greeted me with some sensual kissing like we were long lost lovers, and damn Jane is a great kisser.

I don't like to go in to much graphic details but I will say this about my captain(if you are a trekkie you will get this), she is like your girlfriend with a naughty side. She loves what she does and it shows. Nothing fake about her. 

My experience with Miss Janeway is among the best I've experience, I know I said that about my last experience also. the last one was with Jane's good friend and Ottawa local Jezebel Valentine, these two are among my all time best. Now all I need is two book a duo with these two, this would be heaven on earth. 

How can I best describe Jane: beautiful, sexy, sensual, funny, real. in other words a true gem. 

Thank you for an awesome time, I will be seeing you again.

Jane Way