Toronto's tattooed taste of luxury and one of a kind erotic experience.


Jane Way is renowned across multiple review boards and countries, with nothing but positive praise to their name.

They've been hailed as an international 'sex icon', and for good reason.

This star has nowhere to go but up.


They made their debut on Money Shot (Lady Lips Productions, DVD) in 2015, and have since appeared in multiple media publications, adult productions, films, and magazine covers, and spreads, in 2017 (FLURT Magazine Fall Issue,, Sexpress, Sex City Radio, Snapchat Discovery, Apple News, and more) and Jane won't dare stop there.



Jane Way brings the heat, both on and off camera.

Between exclusive private rendezvous, unabashed public activism, and a love for passionate and intimate adventures, Jane Way leaves a piece of their heart with every person they meet along their incredible journey.


Won't you join?