Experience filthy luxury.

Toronto's tattooed taste of rebellion, actualized.


Jane Way is larger than life, and exactly what you're looking for.

With nothing but positive praise to their name across review boards and borders, they've been hailed as a 'sex icon', and for good reason.

This star has nowhere to go but up.


This multi-award nominated performer made their debut on Money Shot in 2015, and have since appeared in multiple media publications, adult productions, films, and magazine covers and spreads in 2017 and beyond (FLURT Magazine Fall Issue, VICE.com, Sexpress, Sex City Radio, Snapchat Discovery, Apple News, UNILAD, and more.

Their XBIZ nominated directorial debut is available now! The showcase features performers such as Will Havoc, Billy Boston, multi AVN nominated performer Courtney Trouble, and the local collaborations of Kismet Charlatan and Audrey LaVey.

A new studio is coming in 2019. Jane’s legacy project will include scenes from Small Hands, Tommy Pistol, Rocky Emerson, Lydia Black, and more… Finally, a porn site with a little something for everyone! Jane Way presents: PORN’S NOT DEAD.


Jane fell in love with the city of Toronto, and their career gained momentum through the love of both locals and visiting guests, as well as community and media members. Through sexwork, Jane is able to put energy into disability, human rights, harm reduction, and sexwork activism. Traveling the world and opening their bed to touch as many hearts as they can is some of the most fulfilling work Jane could dream of.

On their downtime, they pluck away at their banjo, teach, create art, play Catan, and wake up every day to live their very best life. And they really love dogs, if their social media presence is any testament to that.

They warmly accept the company of all people, regardless of race, gender, body type, or sexual orientation, and their incall location is wheelchair accessible.

Make them laugh, and you’ll win their heart.




Jane Way leaves a piece of themself with every person they meet along their incredible journey.


Won't you join?