Below, you'll find honest nonfiction, and glowing recommendations straight from the mouths of my past and present suitors. Wondering what our time together might be like? Perhaps the following reviews can offer just the insight you need.

As further testimony of the good Jane Way name, I'm honored to have been recognized across multiple escort review boards as a top independent provider for 2016!*

Max Bawdman

I'm so spoiled. I really am. 

Thank you to those responsible for the Industry Party. Without it, this combination may never have happened. As I was speaking with Jane at the party a vision came through the crowd. It was Angel looking like a sexy empress in black leather, tempting af. Within a few moments the three of us decided we really needed to find time to play. The sexual tension was palpable and this just had to happen.

Luckily before I left your great city we found time to meet, call it breakfast in bed. There would be no food but there would be plenty to lick, taste, and wrap our lips around. 

When I arrived at Angel's incall, her and Jane were getting acquainted. Seeing these two contrasting styles together was a sight to behold. Petite, busty, glamour girl Angel with our Punk rock, bad ass (that asssss), pornstar Jane. The thing is having met both of them before, no matter the contrasting style, mentally and sexually I knew they could click. Angel is deceiving in that as much as she invokes VIP, she wants to get down and dirty, there is no pretentiousness. In fact whenever we start discussing other duo partners she sound like a horny client. It is actually quite endearing..... also a crazy turn on. Jane on their part is as down as anyone for a new experience and I know Angel was someone they craved. No matter our physical differences, three dirty, nasty, naughty minds always tend to think alike.

When I arrived Angel was in sexy black lingerie and Jane was fully dressed. When I came back from the shower this had changed dramatically. Second time at Angel's and when you turn the corner into the bedroom it is always something to knock you on your ass. Kneeling on the bed in front of each other were two much less dressed visions getting acquainted with soft kisses. Now I had the plan to have them continue on their own as if I wasn't even there. Knowing they had an intense attraction to each other I figured that would be an amazing porn to sit and watch front row. Well.... that lasted 90 seconds, maybe 2 minutes. I couldn't resist as Angel slid down between Jane's legs and worked her tongue to Jane's obvious appreciation I could see Angel's lonely bum bent perfectly in the air. My mind said let it be, but my tongue had already dived between her legs. As Angel worked her skills on Jane, I worked mine on her and before long Angel shot up onto her knees, body trembling and O'yes Jane got to witness her first ever Angel release. When Angel soaks the bed it immediately amps up the energy. If there was any tameness in our introduction that all disappeared. What followed was an attempt to create our own live hardcore porn, with the mirrors as the camera. Rolling, twisting, changing positions I couldn't help but find Jane's sensitive spot to tease because I was dying to feel her shutter. Angel of course had Jane on edge and it wasn't long before those shutters came with Jane and they was too sensitive to continue so it was my turn to receive. Damn do Angel and Jane have the skills to earn them an AVN award. Alternating turns taking me deep and then finding each other to make out over me was pure bliss. Want a visual? Buy Jane's porn and witness the amazing sloppy skills (, I know Angel loved witnessing them live. From here things lose focus as the pace picked up. I remember so vividly Angel going down again on Jane with that perfect lil bum in the air and I had to take advantage. As hard as I was pushing forward, Angel gripped the bed and pushed harder back on me. Wow, just fucking wow. This position created two more soaks of the sheets. Mind blowing. Of course Jane was not to be ignored and got attention from the both of us in a a variety of positions, the hottest being on all fours while Angel played to the side enjoying her live action Jane Way porn. (Angel proudly admitted to getting off to Jane's porn at Oasis). Seeing Angel getting off and getting a grip on Jane's legendary ass had me close. It had Angel close too and what happened next was too fucking hot. Jane asked for a finish across her newly tatted tits and just as I released Angel joined and splashed against Jane's tits too. Double fucking cum trouble for Jane Way. Sensitive as all hell and spent from a wild encounter I almost collapsed. Laughs and panting and clean up followed. Captain Jane speaks of leading your wildest fantasies. Well this was a fantasy I couldn't have even imagined.

So was this a review or just me bragging about having hot sex with gorgeous people? Maybe a bit of both. A take-away for the reader. Bring these naughty porn stars together again and live out your wildest fantasies. A dirty dream come true, no fucking doubt about it. Angel is a glamour model goddess but don't let that trick you into thinking she doesn't want to get down and dirty. Jane is not only the Captain navigating the universe but she a Star herself. Thank you, thank you, thank you two.


frank underwood

After reading about a recent encounter that Daley had with Jane Way, I decided that I needed to experience a duo with them for myself. I've seen Daley many times, going back to her time at DreamMakers. I'd met Jane earlier this year at an industry party, but never had the pleasure of getting up-close and personal Daley took care of the arrangements (she's great at that :P), and we met at Jane's incall. Jane was vibrant as always, they are always smiling and fun to be around. After a shower, I returned to find them naked on the bed. Not completely naked, as I noticed that Daley still had panties on (tsk, tsk). "Those need to go", I said. She complied, and they started to DFK and explore each other's bodies while I watched from the edge of the bed. I could have watched them kiss and touch for the entire session, but what kind of guest would that make me? LOL I joined them on the bed, and started with DFK with Daley, while Jane got acquainted with Frank Jr., and I finally got to touch that ass!!! OMG!! It truly must be touched to be believed. Grabbing and slapping it was like nothing I've experienced before!! The next hour was a bit foggy, but we explored a number of positions, including the two of them in 69 while Jane finger-banged Daley, and me finger-banging Daley while Jane went down on her. I enjoyed BBBJ from both of them, while they alternated DFK and sitting on my face. Jane is mult-orgasmic and vocal. Nothing better than hearing moans of approval!!! Sadly, the hour was up and I had to leave. Neither is a clockwatcher, but I had somewhere that I had to be. I will definitely make future plans to repeat. If you're looking for an interactive duo with non-stop action, look no further than these two!!! 



Two days ago, I was lucky enough to spend some quality, naked time with Jane Way.

I am fairly active on this board, but have not yet had the opportunity to contribute a review because…well…I’d never hired an SP. That is until Thursday.
I first met Jane back in March at the Montreal gathering and have been smitten ever since. We bumped into one another at Oasis back in late June and enjoyed one another’s company amongst a number of other lovely individuals in attendance, and then one last time at the boat cruise this summer. We’ve communicated back and forth via Twitter in the time we’ve known each other, but unfortunately had not been brought together for a duo in all this time we had wanted one! (I wouldn’t exactly call this a duo…you’ll soon see why).

To give a bit of background preceding this evening, I met a client on Wednesday who upon finding out how much I enjoyed my time with the ladies, was keen on an idea to hire an SP for my enjoyment. My only restriction was it had to be someone I hadn’t yet had the opportunity of experiencing. It was a no brainer at this point…Jane Way was top of the list for me, and after telling him a little about our Oasis encounter, he didn’t need any convincing.

Booking: while I don’t recommend my very last minute methods (due to the availability of my own schedule as well as the mastermind behind this plan), Jane was fantastic and accommodating. It was hardly 3pm that I brought up this idea to Jane and within minutes we had our time for 7pm confirmed.

Location: obviously unorthodox as this happened at my airport incall, this was an outcall for Jane. She ended up arriving about an hour early which she knew was okay as I had given her a two hour window that she could arrive anytime within as I was set to be with that client from 6-8.

Jane beat said client to my location and I opened the door to one of the biggest smiles I’ve ever gotten upon meeting! Geeze, I wish more guys were this excited to see me! Jane’s smile is infections…absolutely gorgeous and could light up a room in seconds. After the smile, one of the first things I thought when she walked in was “damn, I don’t remember her being this tall”. Now granted, I’m somewhat vertically challenged so I look up to almost everyone anyway.

Jane’s photos don’t hide anything and why should they…she’s flawless! I’m a sucker for tattoos and Jane has some incredible ink that you can see in her photos as well as some unique piercings. Beautifully alternative, and very well put in her words, “A unique take on the all natural blonde”. And her ass, but don’t worry…I’ll get there.

Jane set her burrito down (yes this has relevance), and we chatted for a few minutes, she caught me from giving her an allergic reaction from, my lip chap, and before we knew it, there was a knock at the door and Mr. mastermind entered. I had shown him photos of Jane the night before and it was clear that she not only met, but exceeded his expectations, before we even started talking amongst one another. The atmosphere was comfortable right from the start. We are all a little wild and spontaneous and this meshed well throughout the entire session.

As Jane was still in her street clothes upon my client’s arrival, he took off to freshen up and Jane without hesitation stripped down to a whole lot of nothing and yowza…what a sight. In my lingerie, I was now glaringly overdressed. She and I proceeded to the bed, took some obligatory selfies, and started our play. Jane is a great kisser and I can’t ignore that, but I would be a fool to not mention…
Omgawsh. I knew this already from her photos that if there is an ass museum somewhere in the world, Jane’s posterior should be on display. It’s hard to describe how it feels in your hands, but anyone who’s been with Jane HAS to know what I’m talking about. I was even talking to a client on Twitter about it (among the other good stuff like personality, etc.) minutes before her arrival. For someone who openly admits to not slaving away at a gym, that bum is out of this world. Shapely and firm doesn’t even begin to describe it.

At some point in discovering a behind from the heavens, our little mastermind came out of the shower. His role in this rendezvous was mainly orchestrating the booking, and watching us enjoy one another. And boy did we ever! The other thing he actively did was try to distract us from one another with little anecdotes from his life, but we remained fairly focused. Only occasionally distracting ourselves with discussions on things like titties and nipple piercings. Obvious topics when you bring together SPs and give them full control over their time!

I would say I’m more on the shy side between the two of us, so granted Jane made the first move. She climbed on top and proceeded to make her way down, not ignoring any inch of my body. As I sat there, obviously fully exposed, Jane says “your vagina is so cute!” Pretty sure I blushed like a child, as that’s not a compliment I receive from my male partners. Now watching a lady perform DATY is one of my weaknesses and it wasn’t long until Jane gave me a very powerful O. It was at this time that Jane’s raw sense of humour shone for me as she raised her head and goes, “I didn’t even need that burrito.” LOL

After some more serious macking and fondling, it was my turn to return the favour. And for those of you wondering, Jane ALSO has a very cute cookie. As I enjoyed myself with Jane, I have to say that the best part is her O. She lets out the cutest “shivers” I guess you would call it, to the point that some people offer a blanket because it sounds like a cold person. But it did it for me. I’d never seen this before in any woman or man and I loved every second of it.

We all regrouped and sat there in the afterglow, swapping stories of adventures had, and ones to come, and before I knew it my time was up. (Gentlemen, I now know how you feel when your 60 minutes runs its course). After we captured a little more photographic evidence, Jane made her exit.

While that concludes my experience WITH Jane, it didn’t stop about 90% of the next hour with my client to be spent reminiscing about the past 60 minutes, and discussing how to make more memories like this one, and new ones with Jane in the new year.

Repeat? Oh heck yes? Hell ya? Yes please? With a cherry on top? I would jump on that opportunity the second it comes up again…quite literally.

Overall: edgy and sweet, sexy and intelligent, guaranteed fun person to spend any amount of time with, should you find yourself as lucky as I did.
Until next time my love! xo. 

Taken from with permission. Original post here.

'Your Favorite Regular'

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to be invited by another SP friend of mine to a boat cruise organized and attended mostly by many of the incredible SP's in our great city of Toronto.  It was this night that I was to meet Jane Way for the first time.  

The moment I set eyes on Jane I was in awe of the unique nature of the beauty Jane possesses both inside and out.  I was immediately drawn to the way Jane expresses thoughts and opinions.  Jane is incredibly intelligent and well spoken.  I have met very few people in my life I enjoy speaking with as much.  You can always expect an honest opinion and great insight into the topics at hand.  We all had a great time that night.  On a huge boat full of the sexiest people ever, I had my eyes fixed on Jane and knew right away I was in trouble.  I needed to see Jane alone, it wasn't just desire, it was necessary.

Since then I have had many dates with Jane. We have had so much fun, it could barely be measured.  Jane has helped me explore avenues of my sexuality that I never knew existed.  In the moment Jane knows exactly what you need exactly when you need it.  Jane has very few limitations, anyone who has concern with those limits really needs to consider what else they are missing out on if those limits are a concern.  It can be challenging sometimes to arrange dates, I never experienced this with Jane.  Everything about how Jane works is accommodating and convenient.

I have spent around 20 years mostly booking dates through agencies.  It was with Jane I have had my first repeat experience with an independent SP.  I now wish I had met someone like Jane all those years ago.  I have experienced a great deal of jealousy and possessiveness from the SP's I have met  especially those I have seen several times.  There is none of this with Jane, the only objective in Jane's approach to this industry is to make you happy and that includes perhaps introducing you to the incredible network of SP's Jane knows for them to join in on your date or even for you to see them separately if you are interested.  This is almost unbelievable to me, the selflessness in this act of kindness and care.

In conclusion I would like to say that I would not hesitate for a second to recommend to anyone booking a date with Jane.  I hope to have Jane a part my life for as long as I may be fortunate to call such an astounding person my friend.


Your Favourite Regular


I recently had the great pleasure of finally spending an hour with Jane Way.  She has been proposed as a duo partner by Kharisma Khan back when she called herself Billy Autumn and while scheduling that didn’t work out for that, I was very intrigued to see Jane on my own. 


Using the booking form to contact her, we had significant e-mail exchange discussing an Aritst/Artist’s Model themed roleplay scenario I wanted.  In corresponding with her and reading her twitter and website, I was able to get some sense of her limits and attitudes to her work.  Her “not a menu, and experience” t-shirt reflects this, but she was very forthright in answering direct questions about what was or was not on offer.   This approach would be a downside for anyone trying to make a spur of the moment decision, but with the time I was taking it was definitely a plus breaking the ice through the booking process.


The session itself was all I could have hopped for within the time I had booked.  She had all of the heavy lifting in the roleplay and her attention to detail made the difference.  She had studied the scenario, and improvised perfectly where applicable.  Once things got physical her attentions to my desires were equally spot on reading any queue for a change in position quicker than anyone I’ve been with, professionally or personally.   I had booked this session to deal with a stressful time at work and it as definitely affecting my hard-on but Jane skillfully got me back on track a couple of times. 


In person, she came across exactly as she does on-line, very forthright, genuine but with a delightful no-bullshit edge.   My only regrets relate to how my own nervousness and stress made my performance sub-optimal, but I’m eager see her again.

Max Bawdman

"Where to begin.... Well the booking part, that was reasonably easy. Jane Way and I shared a helluva night a while back and we have continued to keep in touch on Twitter and as they makes new friends we often chat about new Duo, Trio, etc possibilities. Jane and Juno crossed paths shortly after we met and since then I have been overwhelmed (to my pleasure) with tease after tease of fantastic samples of Juno through her pics on twitter. It didn't hurt that we also talked quite a bit and there was some cool chemistry that was worth exploring. Cool is probably the word that describes the rest of this review.

Side note: Us twitter flakes, time-wasters, who compliment you on DMs and carry an occasional conversation do actually book. Been to Toronto 4 times in the last year or so and have booked something each time (Right? Daley, Valencia, Jane, Camilla, Harley, Aura, Bella, Jane (again), Juno, Anastasia...Not to mention the ones I booked who didn't show up for me) All whom I've had a chat with on twitter. Sorry Caerf, forums, ad sites, but that is where chemistry gets tested and a good session 100% follows. Don't discount me yet companions of twitter, if you think it seems too long between bookings, how do you think I feel? And if you want to pick a fight with me about it....good....only makes the make up sex that much hotter.

Back to it.... Juno and Jane, they are cool. Just easy to talk to, have a great sense of humor and a natural chemistry. They are great friends and it is obvious. Have you ever had a GF who had a cool friend that you dug almost as much, and you thought, damn I wish I could have them both! Well this is your chance. Everything from the booking to the call up to the chat around the kitchen was just relaxed and cool. Apparently this was their first (work) Duo. Blew my mind that no one had grabbed this twosome and made a threesome. So the particulars, what you see is what you get. Neither are shy and you can see everything on twitter/ads. The major point to add when it comes to looks, is that as good as it looks....It feels SOOO much better in person. Jane's ass....It deserves its own section on Caerf. Seriously, Jane has so much dynamic and exciting aspects to their look, that you can so easily miss that AMAZING ass. So firm, so firm, so firm. Sexy as hell in a jumpsuit/catsuit. Juno, well, you have all seen that tall, slender, bombshell body. Again, try feeling it in person. Full lips too, try kissing them in person. So yes, cool session, but with very hot company.

To the session itself, the technical term is fully interactive. Doesn't do justice to just how much fun everyone is having at all times. Juno and Jane are not shy at all around each other and because they are good friends you can tell they have discussed and day dreamed about all the naughty, nasty, fun ways they can share me and we can share each other. Jane was kind enough to dream up this.. ....and then follow through. Yes, that is how things started! Lot's of sharing, because we are all so caring. Some highlights, of course the double BJ.... The soft lips that were always either kissing yours or between someones legs.... A stellar view of Juno in doggy while Jane shuttered at Junos skills.... The introduction of some toys to make a missionary position anything but traditional.... Juno upside down over the edge of the bed so she could show off her talents.... Relentless enjoyment of each other.... Oh yes and cumming. Kind of the whole point, right? Cum drunk is one of my favorite feelings and I think we all shared in that. Another memory that again just tells you how fun it is, was the 'where to cum discussion', There was so much excitement in their eyes, giggles and 'oh here, no here' it just made everything even that much more memorable. Simply, if you want to play with people who LOVE to play, enjoy it truly and even moreso when friends are involved then put these two together and be ready for greatness.

Look them up. Enjoy their pics, don't waste their time, book their time. They will reward you handsomely."

Taken from with permission. Original link here.


"Anyone who has read my reviews would know I am a big Malika fan. I have been seeing her for over 3 years and I have had more than a dozen duos with her. What I love about Malika in duos is the interaction she has with whoever is her partner. 

It is obvious she loves sex with women as much as sex with men (and she definitely loves sex with men). This was my first meeting with Billy and Billy is very memorable. I love the look and it was obvious I was dealing with a very intelligent and funny person.

After a few minutes finishing a coffee I went for a quick shower and met the two girls in the bedroom. Billy can lactate and both Malika and I took advantage of that. I then asked to be a spectator while the two women concentrated on one another.

What a hot sight as they took turns going down on one another. They then decided to turn their attention on me and boy was I spoiled. I don't think I will ever get tired of having my penis attacked at the same time.

Life is good. After a few minutes Billy sat on my face while Malika rode me cowgirl. My only regret I could not last and came way too soon. As hardships go so be it. Unfortunately I am only a one shot person now but I totally enjoyed my conversation with Malika and Billy until it was time to go.

Billy is now independent and I would strongly recommend both, either separately or in a duo. I'm still getting my breath."

Taken from with permission. Original link here.

J Strummer

"Hi there folks,

Sunday. Middle of a long weekend. Such a nice sunny day. Just perfect for a rendezvous.

Billy and I have met and hanged out at several social events and parties… and always have had such a good and fun time. So much that I thought that we should take those good and fun times to a more private environment. Planned things in advance… no problem. Made it to the (very conveniently located) downtown condo on Sunday. Ready, on time. 

Made it to up to the condo and when the door opened… oh boy… that warm and beautiful smile… those incredibly beautiful eyes… I can get lost looking at them… and, yeah, a super sexy outfit adorning that stunning body. No need to make a note of piercings or body ink since I’m sure you’re all very familiar with Billy’s very unique looks. But folks… don’t let the looks throw you off and make you miss helluva unique experience.

No need to get into an introductory chit chat since, as I've said, we've met in the past… ice has been broken already. Excused myself to shower (oh man… it was a hot day. Plus… that sexy outfit was making me feel hotter!) and after a couple minutes I was ready for what I’d say was kind of a long overdue rendezvous with this out-of-the-ordinary young beauty.

Hopped on the bed and some soft LFK started… accompanied by some touching… that slowly turned into a full manual exploration of our bodies and DFK. We got rid of sexy outfit and towel and laid on the bed to continue the DFKing and the touching. My tongue decided to go into a further exploration of that gorgeous body… neck… very responsive… breasts... what a beautiful pair. My tongue continued its exploration… down south… DATY… such a delight… and the shuddering and shaking made me realized that my tongue did a pretty good job. Some more kissing after and then I was asked to lay down since it was time to ‘return the favor’. Great BBBJ with both mouth and hand interacting with each other at times… and DT. Memorable. As things progressed we decided to get unto other things… CG… amazing… another Big O... but the ride continued… then we rolled and got into MISH… oh boy… what a moment… needed a little bit of time to recover.

We laid down and talked for a bit… hit the shower again… said my goodbyes and left the condo to happily get out into the hot weather… that didn't feel that hot anymore after what just happened a few minutes before. 

And I'm thinking... after reading all those reviews of duos (and 'moresomes' lol)... should I try one with Billy and another beautiful girl? To do... or not to do... that's the question."

Taken from with permission. Original link here.