I'm eager and available to treat the fine folks of Toronto and lovers around the world to intimate encounters and dreams come true.

Let me curate the perfect adventure for us both; Tell me your budget, and your desires, and let me take over in the Captain's chair. I have a reputation of creating unforgettable experiences for my clients. Part of the reason you're paying a companion is to delegate some of the stress of planning and arranging around your busy schedule. I take pride in making our time together absolute bliss.

Give me the reins, and I'll take you on the ride of your life.


 200 CAD and 30 minutes or 250 CAD and 1 hour

The #SaveALifeIncentive applies to dates that include an hour trip to a Toronto pharmacy to pick up a free Narcan kit and sharps container, and will allot for time for both the pharmacist and Jane to teach you how to use the equipment in case you are the first responder in a fentanyl or opiate overdose. Let me teach you how to save a life, and I'll work on any budget. Myself and many others are losing loved ones to the Opioid Crisis. These deaths are preventable. Let me help you help others.

Fentanyl is a deadly opiate commonly found in heroin and other opiates, as well as cocaine, MDMA, and other common party drugs. Read more here.

All Day, All Night

Spend a day with Jane Way. Time flies when you're having fun in my bedroom. Let's do dinner, catch a show, or order room service for  3000 CAD and 24 hours.


The Perfect Date

An overnight is a classic engagement for peak intimacy. Wake up next to your favorite punk rocker for 2000 CAD and 12-14 hours.


A Voyage For Two

This longer date ensures the time to truly indulge into each other. Sparks will fly, and our chemistry will be undeniable for 1500 CAD and 6 hours.


Dinner & A Punk Show

There's nothing that gets me going more than a high energy punk rock show with a nice meal in my belly. Let me jump your bones after I jump in the moshpit. Experience a genre of music that may not be your thing now, but will soon be your favorite. Or we can spend the entire time behind closed doors! It's all up to you for 1000 CAD and 4 hours.

Let's Take Our Time

This is my ideal date package for our first time together. Let's relax, undress, and get to know each other, or pick up right where we left off for 800 CAD and 3 hours.


An Intimate Intro

As my clients tell me, two hours is just never enough with me, but sometimes your schedule won't allow anything more. That's OK, let's do what we can for 600 CAD and 2 hours.


Passionate, Sensual

Take an extended lunch, and you'll return back to work with a grin on your face for 500 CAD and 1.5 hours.


An Hour's Worth

My hourly sessions are perfect for any schedule. Whether you're on your way to or from your responsibilities and engagements, have some time to kill between travel, or just can't wait any long to taste me but have been on a budget, you can for 350 CAD and 1 hour.

A Couple's Delight

I absolutely adore it when a couple shares their love with me. As a queer person, I enjoy play with men, women, and anyone in between. Add some spunk to your relationship for 500 CAD and 1 hour.


Play By Play/Month By Month

Starting at 1700 CAD and upPut your favorite punk rocker on retainer! We can arrange to exchange gifts at the first of each month, and then see each other when it works for the two of us. A great package for those who love lasting connections over the more traditional by-the-hour transaction.



600 USD and 1 hour, and this applies to pretty much anywhere outside of Canada (though I have yet to leave North America). Some of my favorite touring destinations are NYC, Chicago, Las Vegas, and California.

Please refer to Federation Law.

All bookings over 3 hours must include food and/or drink, and bookings over 12 hours must include food, drink, and sleep.

Confidentiality agreements for any and all sessions are welcome.

For pornography filmed in either Canada and the US, my rate is 800-1000$ USD per scene, plus travel expenses (where applicable). I am legally able to work in either country (as I have both US and Canadian citizenship), with cis or trans performers of all backgrounds. Fresh tests can be provided upon request.