The Prettiest Present

By Max Bawdman


Here we go again, another rambling tale from the tongue of texasjones. Don't fret, it will be my last....

There is no denying Jane and I have unbelievably similar tastes. So much so we talk often about women that catch our eye. Sometimes one not only catches our attention, but holds it so tightly that we can see no other. The thief of our lust in this story is the one and only Fiora Manson. I dare you to start scrolling down her twitter. You won't stop, it is nothing but fire from a burgeoning Super Nova.

Fiora didn't know me, but she knew all about Jane. Within a few moments of admitting our lust for Fiora to each other, Jane and I were scheming a way to make her ours. It became blatant very quickly and within a flash we were discussing travel arrangements and time and location and it was really on. Fiora's desire to meet Jane sealed the deal and I was just the lucky enabler. So often events like this fall through, it wasn't until I saw the post that she was on the train that I knew this was for real. 

My heart still jumps when I remember the anticipation and excitement of the evening. Time sped and soon I was at Jane's door. (Again, their location is great!) Opening to see the marvel that is Jane Way. Tall, statuesque stunner, with a freshly shaven head, pretty and subtle makeup bringing forth their gorgeous eyes and of course that force of nature bottom. A petite and oh so pretty elven punk princess emerged from around the corner and I was thunderstruck. Fiora is colorful to say the least, she is the definitive suicide girl, with fantastical artwork on a tiny but oh so fit frame. Practically giddy I collected my first kisses and soon conversation flowed and there was a feeling of comfort. We toasted to a safe arrival of Fiora and to a night of naughty memories to be made. 

Our night started at Jane's but would progress to the wonderland that is Oasis. I had very recently experienced it for the first time, Jane was a legend there already and together we would be blessing Fiora with her maiden voyage. Captain Jane Way was our guide and within a blink we were passed the entrance, drinks in hand, nude but for a towel and ready to start our night. There is no playing in the hot tub but you can sure tease the fuck out of each other with longing looks and accidental touches under the warm water. It didn't take long for us to realize we better move quick or else we would break some rules. Up to the upper floor where the smell of sex was intoxicating. A birthday shot at the bar, a mesmerizing show of Fiora's skills on the pole (amazing talent!) and while Fiora chatted with the bartender I noticed someone was no longer at eye level. Jane had fallen to their knees and taken me in their talented mouth. The mix of sound and sensation from Jane's head is eye-rolling-into-the-back-of-your-head type stuff. This got a few peoples' attention and Fiora was not to be left unattended and soon Jane found their way between Fiora's legs as she stood barside. People were already fucking all around us but we found ourselves to a large empty bed. Soon a symphony of clicking tongue rings and kitten purrs filled the space. Impossible to remember details but oh there were highlights. Fiora's slow and torturous tongue having it's way with me. Jane's mix of sexy shivers and kitten sounds as Fiora danced her tongue along Jane's kitten. That same view but now me taking Fiora's perfectly fit and full bum in my hands as I took her from behind. A fistful of colorful dreads in Jane's hands. Tossing Jane across the large bed, spanking that out of this world ass RED. Throat gripping, spit dripping, the action was furious and we were starting to attract a crowd. The moment that made it a real Oasis event was while I was buried between Fiora's legs, Jane must have felt left out and announced to the crowd "Anyone's girlfriend who wants to get between my legs come here right now!" Of course a happy admirer joined in quick and we were all serenaded with another one of Jane's purrrrs. Sweat, panting and shaking legs were a telling sign that we had enjoyed each other thoroughly. What a thrill putting on a show!

Cooling off in the pool was next and we made our way around the club, hearts full and bodies satisfyingly sore basking in the afterglow. Jane's nails had left scratchpad artwork along Fiora's body. Tracing them with my finger tips led to a few more body melting kisses. Jane and I have an undeniable connection. I could spend another few pages describing it, but they knows the deal. With Fiora the chemistry was instant and connection deepened quickly. I'd love to steal her away. Ottawa, where Fiora resides, is incredibly lucky. Your country's capital has a Super Star in the making. I will feel lucky to say, I knew her when....

Do I need to say anything else? Individually or together it doesn't get better. Thank you to Jane and Fiora for sending me off on the highest of highs. I hear Jane is on their way to Montreal/Ottawa soon. Bring these ladies together again! It's never to late/early to give someone a present. 

Fiora Manson:
Jane Way:

Cheers and Ciao!

Jane Way